Top Magic Records is dedicated to making the best new old and relatively unknown music available to you. Our preferred format is the 10-inch vinyl record, though we’ve been known to dabble in the 7-inch from time to time. Our artists are also available on iTunes and Amazon with the “mp3″ and the “wav,” if you prefer a bit more portability from your music. “Compact disc” and “cassette tape” have yet to enter our vernacular.

Top Magic Records is an attempt to provide artists who have an understanding of the importance of continuing the tradition of American roots music with some exposure and support. Our artists thus far fit this bill to a ‘T’. Elizabeth Butters plays folk music from the Appalachian Mountains. Dooley Wilson plays blues music that is greatly influenced by the Deep South’s Delta region. Kelly Jean Caldwell is may best be described as psychedelic folk– a bit of a departure from the traditional, but dually heartfelt and talented.

Top Magic Records’ artists do their recording on analog equipment, on the cheap, and without any overdubbing, voice polishing, auto-tune or any other fanciness that’s common on your typical 21st century Billboard chart toppers.

Please enjoy, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!